August 16, 2012

My own story, made 100% by Amara Hanieka

Kya, Lya, and Mya, three siblings from Japan, was adopted by the Indonesian family which is rich and honored.

Kya was a 13-year boy who loves books more than everything.

Lya, an active girl but can’t speak Indonesian so well. She is 10.

Mya, a shy, smart, and attentive 13-years old girl which is Kya’s twins.

Three of them studies in Plenddor International School, the most expensive school in the city where they use to live.


“Kya! I’ll go first if you don’t wake up now!!”

“Mya, those homeworks and projects are too hard and I worked on it last night.. Please let me sleep for a while….”

“Well, then I’ll go first. Something to said to Ms.Allen?”

“Tell her that I am sick and I’ll not come today.”


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